Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nerf Slingfire review

Hello again, today I will be reviewing another Nerf zombie strike blaster the Slingfire.
On a quick side note I am going to be posting reviews every other day and occasionally putting other content like mod guides in between. So back to the blaster, the blaster is lever action and clip fed which is pretty cool but that is really the only good part about this blaster.  The things that put me off about this blaster are the fact that it's ranges are terrible, only about 20 feet, and also that it jams constantly. When it jams it doesn't just get stuck in the barrel it gets stuck in a little crevice behind the magazine which then prevents you from pulling the mag out.
this is especially prone to happening with old streamlines and elite darts. 
     So this blaster at my Walmart was $25.99 an it was not worth any of it at all. I highly suggest that you DO NOT buy this blaster unless you want to be very disappointed. My final review of the Nerf Slingfire is it is a 3/10. I was going to give it only a two out of ten but I added one point for the cool priming you can preform like spinning it such. I hope you enjoyed my review of the Nerf Slingfire remember its Nerf or nothing!

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